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Cross Infection Control:

  • Tahir Heart Institute makes extra efforts to comply with all the necessary measures in sterilization and cross infection control for this Tahir Heart Institute has a sterilization room where Sterilization is done by means of autoclaving incineration.

  • We encourage hand washing and good personal hygiene, both to staff and patients alike.

  • We encourage our patients to insist on the use of gloves by staff.

  • We at Tahir heart Institute take great care to prevent needle stick injuries for this purpose sharps are placed in rigid sharps container.

  • All our staff is immunized against Hepatitis B and other common illnesses.

  • Visitors are advised to wear a mask if they have any respiratory symptoms like Influenza, common cold, cough. etc

  • Children under 12 are not allowed in the wards.

  • Tahir Heart Institute keeping in mind patient health and safety, practices a No Smoking Policy within hospital premises.