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Human Resource Department:

This is the Department that deals with specialist personnel functions like;

  • Recruitment- The employment of new employees is done by this department after they have undergone and fulfilled the criteria that Tahir Heart Institute has exacted.
  • Selection- In this process interviews, tests and references are taken from the best candidates.
  • Promotion- After having gone through the selection process this department determines the employee's progression within the organization.
  • Pay- This department is also responsible for Pay negotiation, determination and administration.
  • Performance assessment- Coordinating with and counseling staff.
  • Training and development- Coordinating or delivering programs to fit people for the roles required by the organization now and in future.
  • Communication- Providing an internal information service.
  • Employee Relations- Handling disputes, grievances, dealing with staff representatives.
  • Dismissal- This department exercises this right if an individual fails to meet with what is required of him.
  • Personal Administration- Record-keeping and monitoring of matters related to equal opportunities and possibly pensions and tax.
For more information please contact;

Human Resource Department
Phone: 0092 47 6216 010 - 012 (Ext: 310).
Email: hr@tahirheart.org